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Sunday, May 16th, 2004
1:25 pm
The Cavia Meetup
For Cavia's who have difficulty managing their hair:

Sunday, May 9th, 2004
5:01 pm
It is mother's day.
Mothers. The spiritual bringers of life.
My mother, gilly the goat, was pleased to see me when I handed her a new set of shears and a grass sandwich for lunch.
I slipped the farmer $5.00 to make sure she gets lots of turnips.
I am sure she was pleased to see me. I always could tell her baah from any other goat on the farm.
I trimmed my paintbrush today. The electric shaver got clogged with hairs, jumped out of my hand and killed a fish. It must have been its time. I am sure it will meet with God and reincarnate into the plexus of a Catterpillar.
Cavia made a hole in one of my chins when she pierced it with a spike from her wrist cuff.
I felt the energy from her wrist travel into my fresh electric shaven chin and thanked the Gods that there were moments like this. She will be powerful enough to pierce all five chins. One day.
I decided to write an autobiography. I think I will call it MacMan. The chase of the Ghosts. Any other suggestions are welcome.
I peeled an apple with my excalibur today and killed a troll. I chanted the appropriate ritualistic scriptives before burrying it in the garden. I felt the light from the full moon soak into my naked new born body, the howl of the wolves as they smelt the fresh troll meat.
I must remember to put some rose thorns around the trolltomb to keep the wolves away. I remember the unfortunate occurance of the troll boots, hat and wands thrown around the garden, the green troll blood formed in a trail towards the bushes.
I seized the wolf with my excalibur. Cavia then pierced its heart with her neck band spike and scattered the wolf blood around the dug up trolltomb in an attempt of respect.
The troll ghost smiled at me. I love to please the Gods.
There is a ghost inside my house. It threatened Cavia with a bicycle.
My excalibur is in time for a clean. The flies are building a community on it. I am annoyed as I only had it cleaned yesterday.
Cavia is calling me. She can't wait to feel my electric shaven chins. I hope she is happy with them, it took all afternoon.

Current Mood: peaceful
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